Travel Chef Grind Xpress Coffee Maker

Travel Chef Grind Xpress Coffee Maker

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Is there anything more invigorating than the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning? With the Grind Xpress from Travel Chef you'll have an all-in-one option for grinding and brewing coffee on the go.

All you do is add your separate coffee beans, grind them, pour hot water over the ground coffee, wait for it to drip and you’ve got a hot cup of coffee that you can drink straight out of the tumbler. This unit features a ceramic grinder, stainless steel basket and a thermal mug so you can get your morning or afternoon fix of coffee at the campsite, when you’re on the road, at work or even in the comfort of your own home. It also even packs away into its own durable carry case for transport and storage.

The handy Grind Xpress Portable Coffee Maker from Travel Chef if just what you need to keep you caffeinated on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Uses drip method for brewing
  • Ceramic grinder, stainless steel filter basket and thermal mug
  • Durable carry case included
  • Handy for caravanning, camping, home or office use