Tow Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

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The Tow-Pro Elite is an electric brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and is simple to install and operate.

Product Description

The Tow-Pro Elite trailer brake controller offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type, or driver preference.

The Tow-Pro Elite electric trailer brake controller features Active Calibration which constantly monitors the direction of travel, the unit will even calibrate with no trailer attached whilst maintaining the ability to mount in any orientation.


  • Able to operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes without the need for manual selection or extra components or wiring
  • Will operate from either 12V or 24V vehicle systems
  • Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliant when installed as directed