Companion X180 LED Lantern & Mozzie Zapper

Companion X180 LED Lantern & Mozzie Zapper

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Mosquitoes and other flying insects can be a pain when you’re trying to relax around camp, so brighten your site and keep bugs at bay with the X180 LED Lantern Mozzie Zapper from Companion.

This lantern has a built-in lithium battery which can be easily recharged via the included USB cable. With three light modes available – you can adjust this unit to get the level of brightness that you need. The dome lens is made from soft silicone, so it’s pretty much unbreakable, provides 360° illumination and up to 180 lumens on the highest mode.

Each lantern comes with two non-toxic replaceable mozzie attractant tablets which release a chemical that replicates the human body to attract mosquitos, and then the UV LED zapper function stops them in their tracks. And, the lantern and mozzie zapper functions can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on what you need.

Stop bugs and mosquitos from buzzing about while illuminating your campsite with the X180 LED Lantern Mozzie Zapper from Companion.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Mozzie zapper function with UV light
  • 2 x non-toxic mozzie attractant tablets included
  • Built-in hanging hook
  • 3 light modes with a maximum 180 lumens
  • 360° illumination
  • USB rechargeable with cable included
  • Lantern and mozzie zapper functions operate independently or simultaneously 
  • Attractant works for 25-30 days